From all parts of the world,

thousands of Jews come together to spend

Rosh Hashanah in a small town in the Ukraine.

A place long ago that thrived with the

life of Jews devoted to serving Hashem.

Thousands upon thousands of

inesent people died to sanctify

Hashem's name when they

refused to convert or sin as

requested by the non-Jews of there area.

This became the resting place of choice many years later

By Rebbe Nachman of Breslov...











Rebbe Nachman taught, it is easy to help the Jew

who is still in this earthy world

but who will take care of those

who need a tikkun, rectification already in the grave?

By being buried in Uman, Ukraine,

Rebbe Nachman enabled all these

Jews who died for the sake of Heaven,

to have a rectification.

This is one of many reason's for his

desision to be buried here.